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Score Love At Home
Joel Rea

This isn’t truly my arrangement as such. It’s based on Hymn #318 in the 1985 (current) LDS Hymnal — a women’s voices version.

The first time I had a Male Quartet perform this in Church a couple decades ago, we had the Lead and Baritone sing the 1st and 2nd Soprano parts (respectively) an octave lower, the Tenor sing the Alto part as written (not an octave lower), and the Bass sing a part based on the Piano bass. That sounded pretty darn good, and is still an easy way for an LDS or other Male Quartet or Ensemble or Chorus to quickly whip together a decent-sounding special musical number for, oh, say, Mother’s Day.

To make this version, I re-arranged it a bit to be more Barbershop-style (filled in some incomplete chords, a swipe here and there on the third verse, etc.), added a modulation up ½ step leading into Verse 3, and added a classic Tag (I don’t recall where it originally came from, and if I violated anyone’s copyright in doing so, I apologize and will remove/replace it if requested to do so) to the end.

This version sounds somewhat better than the one read straight from Hymn #318 in my opinion, while still being quite easy to learn. It doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as Joe Johnson’s version (see the Joe Johnon folder here), nor the version that Power Play won the International Barbershop Quartet Contest with in 2003.

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